Official Minecraft game modes


Official Minecraft game modes

Minecraft allows players to explore seemingly infinite worlds. Different game modes will give players different experiences with Minecraft. Unless the world is created in a different mode, survival mode will be default.

Creative mode is second in popularity after survival. Many people may not be aware of all the options available in Minecraft. This article will list all of the game modes available in Minecraft. To change game modes, one will need to use commands

1) Survival

Survival is the most played game mode, as we have already mentioned. Most players begin their survival journey in survival. This is the default mode of Minecraft. Unless otherwise stated, all new worlds will be set up for survival gameplay.

Survival mode allows players to start with nothing, and then gather all the resources they need by farming mobs, breaking down blocks, and so on. For survival, they must also maintain their health and food bar.

2) Creativity

Creative mode allows players to create in a completely free environment. They are protected from all types of damage when they are in creative mode. Through the creative menu, players have full access to all blocks.

Creative mode is free from any limitations. Because they can use any type of block, most builders prefer to build amazing structures in creative mode.

3) Adventure

Custom maps often include Adventure mode. Blocks such as buttons, levers, chests and levers can only be interacted with by players. In adventure mode, players are prohibited from placing or breaking blocks.

4) Spectator

Only one game mode allows players to traverse all types of blocks: Spectator mode. Those who are in spectator mode can be seen and heard by other players.

In spectator mode, players cannot place blocks or break them. By left-clicking on the blocks, they can also see the world through the eyes of a mob. Unfortunately, spectator mode is not available for Java Edition.

5) Hardcore

Java Edition also offers Hardcore mode. You can choose it when you create a new world. Hardcore is similar to survival but the difficulty is always hard and players have only one life. They cannot respawn in the hardcore world if they are eliminated.