Minecraft Bedrock servers


Minecraft Bedrock servers

Minecraft Bedrock Edition is the game version that is optimized for mobile and consoles, but can also be played on PC. It has its own exclusive server set, much like the PC-based Java Edition. You will find a lot of great servers in Bedrock Edition. There are active players looking to join. These are the top Minecraft servers that you will find in the Bedrock Edition.

Broken Lens

Broken Lens is one of the most visited servers on this list. It hosts hundreds of players at any time. Many popular game modes are available on the server, including Survival, Spleef and HideAndSeek. Broken Lens is likely to have unique options that you won't find on Minecraft.

This server is one of the oldest Faction Mode-based servers. It has been around for many years. SkyBlock, OP Factions and Classic Factions are all available in ECPE. The Shop, Claim System and a competitive player base of thousands of players are just a few of the key features.


This server is perfect for survival players. Euphoria Prison is one example of the many features that keep players coming back. But Skyblock games are what this server is best known and most well-known for.


FallenTech offers high-quality minigames, game modes, and is frequently at its maximum capacity. You will enjoy their interpretations of SkyBlock, Factions and PvP mode. Pocket Edition players will find this server especially welcoming.


Inspired by Grand Theft Auto, this server was created. You can choose to play as a cop, a gangster or a good guy. The player with the highest number of kills will be the most wanted. This means that they are displayed all over the map and rewarded with a bounty.


This server is regarded as the best Bedrock Edition server. Hyperlands is the king minigames. It offers a variety of game modes, including SkyWars and Bedwars, TheBridge, Duels and PotPvP. Hyperlands is extremely popular due to the large number of players who frequent it.


LegendsMC is a SkyBlock-based server. It allows you to create and upgrade your Island, mine, and customize enchants. The server is heavily modified, creating a unique Minecraft experience. LegendsMC is a place where PvP is encouraged, not punished. Outside of the main server, there is a Factions server, Creative and Survival-based games, and of course Skyblock.


Mineplex, an official Minecraft partner, sees thousands of Minecraft players each day. All mini-games, from the classic to the original, are available here, including Skywars and Speed Builders as well as Block Hunt. This server was originally Java-based. For updates to the Bedrock version, be sure to visit the official website.


This friendly, community-based server offers games such as Bedwars and Creative Plots, Duels. Factions and Murder Mystery. NetherGames is a popular community that hosts nearly 20,000 players every day.

Versai PvP

Versai is a PvP-based community that has a lot of players and active participation. Versai offers a free for all mode that can be played in incredibly cool arenas. You can also use bots to improve your combat skills. Skywars, mazes and mini-games in parkour are also available.