Hardened glass tutorial for Minecraft education edition


Hardened glass tutorial for Minecraft education edition

Minecraft: Education Edition includes more than just a few platform-specific items, including blocks like hardened glass.

You can make a hardened glass block by treating regular glass blocks with the right chemical compounds. These blocks are stronger than standard glass blocks and can be used to hold torches or other tools.

Although they are stronger, harderened glass blocks still have the same functions as glass blocks. They allow light to pass through them, and come in many stained glass variations.

Minecraft: How to create hardened glass using the necessary compounds

To create three blocks of hardened glass in Minecraft: Education Edition, you will need three blocks each of standard glass, three Aluminum Oxide compounds and three Boron Trioxide substances.

The elements required to create the required compounds are derived from blocks like the material reducer or element constructor. Minecraft players can then combine these elements in a block called the compound creator to create the required compounds for hardened glass and other creations.

It can be confusing to know which elements make which compounds, so it is worth learning a bit about chemistry.

Minecraft players can look at the chemical formulae to see what is needed to make the items they want.

Once players have accumulated the elements and made the appropriate compounds, they can move to the crafting table and form the hardened glass using at least three glass blocks.

For hardened glass, place the Aluminum Oxide horizontally in the top row, followed by the glass blocks below in the same manner, and then the Boron Trioxide below in the row below. Three blocks of hardened glass will be created by Minecraft players if done correctly.

You can make more by adding the compounds and elements to your crafting supplies. Before you know it, players will have plenty of hardened glass to use.