Cubecraft – Minecraft server


Cubecraft – Minecraft server

Minecraft servers are immensely popular, attracting millions of players from across the world on a daily basis.

There are many Minecraft servers. Each one is unique in its own way.

Cubecraft, one of the most popular Minecraft servers, has enjoyed huge success since its inception nearly 10 years ago. This article will cover everything Cubecraft has to offer, including tips and tricks, how to play, best minigames, and much more.

What is Cubecraft's Minecraft server?

Cubecraft is a popular Minecraft server. There are many minigames that players can create. You can also join the server for free and access it at any hour of the day.

There are currently 11 minigames available on the server. These are the ones you will find below.

Cubecraft has officially discontinued support for Minecraft clients below version 1.12. Players on Java Edition will have to use Minecraft versions ranging from 1.12 to the most recent in order to join the server. is the IP address to join the Java Edition server.

Bedrock Edition players can join Cubecraft easily by going to the “Featured Servers” page. This can be found in multiplayer menu as shown below.

Which are the most popular Cubecraft games?

Cubecraft offers a variety of fantastic games. Below are the most popular games currently available:

How to play Cubecraft better

Cubecraft officially ended support for Minecraft clients in version 1.12. Cubecraft has officially dropped support for Minecraft clients under version 1.12.

Many Cubecraft players will confirm that PvP is an important factor in many of the most popular games. Players looking to gain an edge in PvP should work on their skills after 1.8, which is quite different from the more well-known 1.8 combat mechanics.