Best Minecraft Prison servers


Best Minecraft Prison servers

Players that invest actual money for advancement on prison servers receive bonuses. The benefits include access to rare mines, better items, and many more. There are hundreds of Minecraft prison servers to choose from, all of which will provide you with lucrative and enjoyable experiences. Many have more advanced features that will make your game-play even more enjoyable.

However, if you're unsure which one to choose, you've come to the right place; we've listed not just a couple, but a total of 10 of the best Minecraft Prison Servers that you will undoubtedly like and should definitely try.

Ten Best Minecraft Prison Servers

Let's begin with the top 10 Minecraft Prison Servers that you must try.

1. Purple Prison

IP Address:

Purple Prison is a great prison server. Purple Prison is a game mode in which players can level up by mining, building, trading, and many other activities. It is very easy to start. The server hosts huge automated PvP activities four times per day.

Purple Prison is the standard for Minecraft Prison servers. The Purple Prison Server is a very well-kept community. This server is well-known for its popularity, and many people have joined it to make it more popular. It is worth a try.

2. PrisonFun

Without mentioning one of the original prison servers, this list wouldn't be complete. MC Prison is the most well-known and popular prison server. This flexible server allows you to do almost anything in prison.

IP Address:

The area may have guards, prison cells and gangs. It's a very exciting prison and one of the oldest.

3. JailsMC

IP Address:

A high-quality OP Prison server without bugs or lag, with a great crew. This server is innovative and has so many new things to discover. You can find exciting new things even if your skills are not the best.

There are many interesting enchantments on the server, including explosive pickaxes and lightning pickaxes that can create hostile mobs upon enemies.

4. OPBlocks

IP Address:

OP Blocks is a Minecraft prison that's entirely made of candy. It may seem strange at first. It's actually quite amazing, I promise. You'll unlock a new and more colorful candy-themed mine as you rank up.

Everything works well and there is nothing unusual. This server is for you if you are looking for something different and exciting. It has been enjoyed by many users, and you might too.

5. Pluteria

IP Address:

Pluteria, another great prison server that we have in our arsenal, is worth a look. You will be entertained for hours with its many interesting features. Pluteria is a Minecraft prison that has a twist.

This game is set in space and allows players to progress through ten different tiers, unlocking planets along their journey. The majority of the players' activities will be spent on planets and mining materials that can be traded for cash. It sounds amazing, doesn't it?

6. MineSuperior

IP Address:

MineSuperior is a network which is part of the next generation. With the players in mind. Every day new concepts are added.

It was designed to be as transparent as possible. It has been another popular server when it comes to prison gaming.

7. Pika

IP Address :

This is the right place to start if you are a beginner looking to experience the best prison servers. PikaNetwork is constantly updating with new content and other items so you will never get bored. You can also find mini-games or events on this server.

8. MineVille

IP Address:

With regular upgrades and an active fan base, this server is well worth a look. This server offers custom enchantments and player levels, crates, chests, jobs and races, as well as custom enchantments and even weddings.

9. Minecraft Central

IP Address:

Minecraft Central prides itself in keeping its content up-to-date. It also releases new seasons on an ongoing basis. This server offers personalized content and rewards for voting.

10. TritonPVP

IP Address:

TritonPVP offers the best Skyblock experience. It is a unique server that allows you to create islands, missions and visual borders. There's even a GUI store!

It was over. These are the top Minecraft Prison Servers you should try and be captivated by. Please share your experiences in the comments below. We would love to hear about your favorite prison server.