At this Point in the Story…


At this Point in the Story…

We don't know much about the most popular open-world game, Minecraft. Minecraft is the original title by Mojang, later acquired by Microsoft. It allows you to explore endless possibilities, live all kinds of adventures, and build whatever you want with the blocks and resources available.

This is commonly known as a “sandbox game”. The game's only objective is to survive and explore an infinite world. We can build and destroy objects using the various blocks (stone, iron, iron, grass, and others). Randomly generated worlds ensure that each game is unique and offers a completely new adventure.

Explore infinite worlds, and build anything, from the simplest house to a grandest castle.

The famous sandbox in a trial version

The full Minecraft sandbox game can be purchased, but the Minecraft Trial allows users to explore, build, and craft from their smartphones for a limited time.

This trial version allows users to explore infinite worlds and build any structure or building they want using the materials that are available. You will also be playing survival mode where you will need to build, as well as weapons and armors to fight the dangerous creatures that lurk at night.

Main features

This is a test version, as we've already stated. The worlds created here are not transferable to the full game. However, if the user decides that it wants to continue the trial for 90 minutes, they will have access to the following:

– A creative mode that allows you to build with unlimited resources and materials, and explore and discover a vast world. – A survival mode in which the user must defend itself against enemies and creatures using buildings, weapons and armor in a more hostile world.
– A store that sells unique maps, skins and texture packs that can be added to the game and the player's constructions.
– Realms: The player can create a server to play online with up 10 friends from different platforms.
– You can modify the game with add-ons or even from the side command bar.

The full version for Windows and game consoles has more options as well, as up to five different game modes instead of the two. It adds the Adventure mode, Extreme mode, and Adventure mode. We must remember that we are still playing the mobile version, which combines action, adventure and platforming with construction.